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Highlights: Berlin Fashion Week

    Berlin Fashion Week came to a close on Saturday and if I had to summarize the shows in a few words, I would say: Leather, latex, luster and luxury! I could write a monster post wherein I review each collection, but who has time for that? Besides, Berlin doesn’t compare (yet) to New York, London or Paris Fashion Weeks. But, I personally enjoy discovering new designers with unique style and vision -- it’s so boring to look at the same labels all the time. So, let’s break down Berlin…

    Schumacher, .dimitri, Susanne Wiebe
    Color: Black was the strongest (non)color across the board. No surprise there. Dark shades of burgundy, midnight and charcoal are dominant tones in the fall palette. Sparkly silver and glimmering gold accent and brighten the deep tones. Brighter hues of blue and orchid add an energetic pop to the spectrum.

    "Color" Strenesse Blue, .dimitri, Arrondissement AQ1

    Fabric: Buttery satin, rich velvet and flowing silk chiffon mix with soft knits. Cashmere and virgin wool fibers are used in heavier jacket fabrics as well as warm jerseys. Leather is present in almost every collection. Tech qualities such as neoprene offset natural fabrics to create a modern twist.

    "Fabric" Allude, Sam Frenzel, Anja Gockel

    Surface: Silicon printing creates a glossy finish; sequins add glittery shimmer and leathers are patent and shiny. Plush pile fabrics offer texture as do a variety of fur and tweeds.

    "Lacquer Shine" Chaya, Perret Schaad, Susanne Wiebe

    "Glitter"  Anja Gockel, Stefan Ekert, Joop

    "Lush & Plush"  Rena Lange, Sam Frenzel, Rena Lange

    Key-Looks: Narrow silhouettes including skinny pants prevail. Business attire makes a statement in separates and dresses. The formal tuxedo diffuses into daywear creating sensual silhouettes. Oversized knits are paired with leggings and tights for a sporty-elegant ensemble.

    "Skinny Pants"  Schumacher, ic! berlin, Stine Goya

    "Tuxedo" Penkov, Hausach Couture, Boss Black

    "Voluminous Knits"  Michael Sontag, Allude, Arrondissement AQ1

    So, how do you like Berlin??  I'd say it's wunderbar!