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    As many of you know I am not a cold weather girl, but one positive point these chilly months provide is the opportunity to wear more clothes.  Leather pants, cashmere sweaters, a variety of boots and outerwear are key components of winter dressing.  Every year I notice a couple of tiny issues that really get under my skin -- little pet peeves, I suppose.  I see so many people (men and women) wearing coats with the label still tacked to the sleeve.  There is a reason it is tacked rather than topstitched all around -- because it is meant to be removed.  I don't see the point in advertising that you're wearing 100% Wool.  I don't even care if it's 100% Cashmere, it's 100% stupid to leave the label on the sleeve!  I'm so tempted to enlighten these people, but it just seems mean.

    this label is barely attached with two loose tacks on either side -- clearly it is not permanent

    My other little annoyance has to do with tacking as well.  Inverted pleats and back vents are usually loosely tacked with a large "X" stitch when the garments are shipped as this keeps them looking nice and prevents folding and creasing.  However, this stitch is meant to be removed after the item is purchased because when a jacket is on an actual body, it fills out and therefore needs room to move as we move.  Also, when the "X" stitch is not released the pleat pulls open in the center which looks especially unflattering across someones backside!

    Jacket by Gryphon -- notice how the vent is no longer tacked shut at the bottom?

    So let me hear it!  What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to fashion faux pas??