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That Was Then, This Is Now

    When I'm feeling uninspired and stagnant, I dive into my fashion archives for some much needed rejuvination.  By fashion archives, I mean the mountain of magazines I somehow manage to store in a one bedroom NYC apartment.  I know that in today's modern age of technology I can find almost anything online, but I'm a sucker for having something tangible.  Besides, I feel a tremendous sense of pride when I flip through my September 1985 issue of Vogue! Today, I happened to be browsing through an old Collezioni from Spring 1992 when I came across designer Susanne Wiebe who was showing in Munich that season.  I recently featured a few looks from Wiebe's Fall 2010 collection from Berlin Fashion Week.  What an interesting progression she has made over 18 years!  I thought it would be fun to compare...

    Susanne Wiebe Collection - Spring 1992

    Susanne Wiebe - Fall 2010

    Well, that's quite a difference!  What do you guys think?