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Vanishing Models... it's not what you think

    I recently visited my local Barnes & Noble one dreary, cold and lazy day and as per usual, I made my way over to the magazine section. How very literary of me. I looked for something to inspire me when suddenly, I gasped with horror. Staring right at me with a vacant look was Britney Spears with her two “mini K-Feds” on the January cover of ELLE. “Ugh” I thought to myself, “how repulsive.” And with that, I decided not to purchase the magazine. I glanced at the rest of the covers and noticed that actresses graced every single publication available. What the hell? Are the models on strike?

    when Supermodels ruled the world!
    Herb Ritts' famous photo: "Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi - Hollywood 1989"

    The overexposed and overrated Kate Hudson not only appeared on January’s HARPER'S BAZAAR, she also turned up on the cover of ELLE UK’s December ’09 issue. The list continues… SJP on January GLAMOUR (and she was just on ELLE’s December cover); Cate Blanchett on December VOGUE; Rachel McAdams on January VOGUE; Natalie Portman on January MARIE CLAIRE and Kirsten Dunst on December ALLURE. I found it strange that COSMO, the floozy of fashion magazines, selected the prepubescent Amanda Bynes for its January cover. But, the award for the most ridiculous belongs to WOMEN’S HEALTH for featuring Ashley Simpson on its December issue. Yeah, she’s the epitome of good health.

    I started to get really frustrated. There HAD to be an actual MODEL on one of these publications. Oprah is an exception – it’s HER magazine, she has the right to be a cover model. I kept scanning the shelves. W Magazine -Jennifer Garner. LUCKY Magazine – Olivia Wilde. December/January NYLON – Hillary Duff! Christ, what’s a model gotta do these days? Poor Giselle only popped up on the September cover of Indian VOGUE! I know, I know “poor” Giselle – not.

    Supermodel, Giselle on Indian VOGUE - Sept. '09

    So, I ended up buying the holiday issue of ZINK which has been one of my favorites for a few years now. Oh, and there is a FASHION model on the cover. Victory!