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For the Dogs

    As many of you know, New York  was hit by a 24 hour blizzard and even though the snow is pretty for the first couple of hours, it quickly turns into a slushy, cold mess. For this walking city that means snow boots and galoshes.  I absolutely adore dogs and highly support animal rescue, but at times like this I am glad that I haven't allowed myself to cave in and get a little companion.  I'm quite happy to remain indoors drinking tea rather than risking frost bite because I must take Spike out to do his business!  But then, what about the poor doggies?  They must get cold and wet too, right?  New York is one of the best cities to see fashion on the streets and this includes dogs!  In fact, people will spend a lot of money on their precious pooches.  Sometimes, they look even better than their owners!

    "Aspen coat" from the Pet Boutique
    Zommies in NYC also offers a variety of coats

    snow booties available in various online sites as well as Trixie & Peanut in New York 

    Star Jack tee from Pet's Pantry
    The New York Dog Shop offers a wide selection as well