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Having A Fit

    I had a jam-packed day yesterday… ran downtown to have lunch with my stylish friend Richard, zipped back uptown to meet the multi-talented WendyB and topped it off with Champagne and snacks with fellow designer Tatyana. Did I get any work done? Not really. However, I did have a rather productive fit session with the gorgeous WendyB. Talk about a busy girl! Wendy’s schedule makes my head spin. A little while ago she asked me if she could purchase my pinstripe vest – how flattered was I? So, we took a trip to B & J and selected some pretty amazing fabric. Yesterday, Wendy managed to squeeze in some time for a fitting before heading to the gym. I’ve never seen Wendy without her signature red lips, but Ms. B. was positively glowing sans any trace of make-up. I want to hate her but I can’t, it’s impossible. I didn’t think it would be fair to snap any pictures of her since she wasn’t exactly prepared for a photo shoot, but I will warn her the next time!

    initial muslin for vest
    puzzle of flat pattern pieces