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Mucho Gusto Custo

    The Custo Barcelona show at the tents last Sunday evening was, as usual, a huge draw.  It's one of the most popular shows and Spanish designer, Custo Dalmau never fails to please the crowd.  The label is known for color, wild prints and mixing unexpected fabrics.  The fall 2010 collection added some much needed vibrancy to the sea neutrals flooding the runways this past week.

    Below is the press release I just received from the Custo team.  I couldn't have written a better commentary!

    Custo Invite
    A metal bath of vibrant contrasts dazzled New York, courtesy of Custo Barcelona. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York was once again the setting for the presentation of the designer's new autumn-winter 2010-11 collection.

    Sparkling metals melted into pure lines to form new volumes that contrast with the warmth of fur. Bryant Park tent provided the backdrop and an attentive audience of more than 800 people from all over the world, including actresses like Gossip Girl's Connor Paola, One Life to Live's Tika Sumper or Miss USA Kristen Dalton and Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez, attended the show.

    Under the name 'Hairy Metal', Custo Barcelona presented a collection where the indisputable protagonists were metallic sparkles. New York saw a strong, energetic and contemporary collection, in keeping with a new era. Bronze, steel, gold, black and rust comprise a new colour palette which is mixed with graphics inspired by mercury, melted silver, red hot iron and tin.

    The cold of metal is contrasted with fake fur, which has been developed in every imaginable form. Hairs of different lengths and colours have been mixed together to create new graphic effects that are sinuous, geometric or crossed. Different types of furs have also been mixed with wools to match the colour graphics and produce volumes that create new depth.

    A primitive looking collection that brings cold and warmth face-to-face. Of contrasting looks. Of melting metals. A veritable ode to the periodic table of elements. An invitation to experiment. A mysterious and spectacular show courtesy of Custo Barcelona, who has managed to surprise us once again.

    All photos courtesy of Custo Barcelona Press Office