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Taffeta Darling!

    There’s no point in recapping the Grammy’s because by now, we’ve all read about it in a number of papers and online sources. Anyway, the show can be summed up rather quickly… Beyonce, Beyonce, Gaga, Elton, Taylor, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kings of Leon, Taylor, Beyonce, MJ. The incomparable Steve Martin took home a Grammy for best bluegrass album! Congrats Steve, way to kick some banjo butt! Another Steve (Stephen Colbert) won for best comedy album. Cheers Stephen! Dynamic duo David Byrne and Brian Eno grabbed the Grammy for best recording package.

     Today is my one month anniversary in blogville, so I thought I would repost this hilarious clip from Young Frankenstein… the inspiration for my blog name! Enjoy…