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The Big "O"

    NO, it’s not what you’re thinking! Really people, this is a PG-13 blog! Most of the time. And no, I’m not talking about the Oscars, or Oprah. The “Big O” refers to the eccentric and fabulously talented Rick Owens. Rick is a California boy who “pulled a Ralph Rucci” times ten! By that, I mean he not only showed in Paris once or twice, but he ONLY shows his collections in Paris. He has even gone so far as to become a permanent resident in 2003. The French have totally embraced Owens as one of their own, apparently more so than the fairly reserved American fashionistas. But, all of that seems to be changing because Owens has been on fire in the states for a few seasons now.

    Rick Owens - Fall 2010
    Photo Credits: Firstview
    I went to Barney’s yesterday with my stylish friend and accessory expert, Rachel and I came across an exquisite, perfect little crochet sweater by Rick Owens. I was drawn to it right away. I loved the color, the stitch pattern, the asymmetric shape, the shoulder detail created by introducing a second yarn quality with a fuzzy texture… sublime! I can’t locate it on Barney’s web site so I can’t share a photo, sorry.

    Rick Owens - Spring 2010
    Photo Credits: Coutorture
    Rachel suggested rocking a white tank with the holey (and Godlike Holy) piece which sounded like a good idea to me! I thought about it: $19.99 for an Abercrombie tank on Chase debit card, $1,700.00 for a Rick Owens crochet sweater on imaginary credit card. Marveling at the idea of having that kind of disposable income… priceless! Needless to say, I didn’t make the purchase! Rachel, however, did find quite a cute little printed cotton dress by Isabel Marant, so the excursion was a success.

    Rick Owens - Fall 2008
    Photo Credits: Firstview
    I topped off the lovely day of shopping with a little Oscar party at the gorgeous WendyB and MrB’s place (OK, there – I mentioned the Oscars!). Wendy and I were disappointed with what we saw on the red carpet, but more on that tomorrow!