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Dress Me

    help save Sadie, she is cold!

    I keep looking at my poor, naked dress form and I feel the need to clothe her (her name is Sadie -- I don't know why), but I'm not feeling inspired lately.  Maybe it's all this rain casting its doom and gloom.  Jeans and my oldest, softest sweatshirt have become my best friends as of late, though I'm desperately trying to catch spring fever.

    me (left) and WendyB (right) in our matching "gangsta" vests

    side view and back view of wendy's vest (on "Sadie")

    two-tone kid mohair scarf I knitted

    I made a cool "gangsta" vest for jewelry designer WendyB recently and I knitted a scarf for a friend.  What now?  I do have some very unique kelly green fabric lying around.  It's cotton/nylon/metal and it's extremely innovative, but not the easiest fabric to work with as I have already made a suit a couple of years ago in the turquoise color.  Still, I might give it another shot.  Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

    Sylvia Williams models my cotton/nylon/metal jacket and mini