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What Would You Do?


    Like most women, I love to shop!  I never run out of things that I want; boots that I "need" even though I have more than enough, another chunky ring or cuff bracelet because they're "different" from the many I already own, a gorgeous, fine gauge sweater because the yarn and the workmanship are to die for, and I should know because I was a sweater designer... you get the picture.  I always wish I were independently wealthy and had unlimited funds!  But, what if I had, say... $10,000 to spend on one item?  It would actually be a difficult task.  I would probably choose one of the following, but I'm not sure which!  What would you do? 

    Gucci dress, Spring 2010: $9,600

    Bottega Veneta oxidized silver moire 30th anniversary "knot" clutch: $7,960

    Pasquale Fabrizio "glass slipper" stiletto: $7,500

    Wendy Brandes 18K gold, citrine & pink sapphire ring: $10,000