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Hello Seventies?

    So, I have to apologize for completely skipping over the decade of the 70's in yesterdays post!  Kristin from K-Line and WendyB both scolded me!  But, be patient my darlings, I thought that the fantastic 70's could use a post of its own! 

    YSL classic look from 1975

    When I think about the 1970's I am reminded of pet rocks, mood rings, head bands, and of course, bell-bottoms which I was forced to wear!  I used to feel so ridiculous in these trousers with giant circumference leg openings and I vowed NEVER to wear them so long as I had a say (i.e. after my mom stopped dressing me!).  And I am proud to report, I have completely upheld my promise!

    (left) 1970's mood ring,  (right - 1978) me in a patchwork printed knit top, denim overall skirt, knee socks and Hush Puppies and my sister in something orange and plaid bell-bottoms.  Scary!

    Just because I still have nightmares of horrible patchwork outfits (usually matching my sister) and lots of orange and brown, doesn't mean the entire era was a fashion fiasco!  Unfortunately, I was too young to appreciate or even know about some of the fabulous styles that were happening around me.

    This is just awful -- what else can I say?

    Even Yazoo and Alison Moyet said "Goodbye Seventies"

    On the flip side - looking good in the 70's...

    Halston and Bianca Jagger looking gorgeous in the 70's

    Halston, 1972 silk jersey dress
    Photo Credit: FIT Museum  (click here to read my article for on the FIT exhibit "Seduction")

    Vintage apparel is "having a moment" lately, and many fashionistas and celebrities are opting to wear timeless perennial pieces because they actually seem newer and more novel than the typical red carpet frocks.

    Emma Watson (left) in vintage 70's Ossie Clark at the 2009, Harry Potter premiere in London and beautiful jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes (right) in 2009 in her vintage Ossie dress (for more of Wendy in her vintage pieces, click here)

    Vintage styles inspire fashion today.  My very hip friend Evan, owner of the vintage shop FROCK in Nolita, NYC, shared a little secret with me the last time I visited the store.  "You wouldn't believe how many designers buy pieces here for "inspiration" for their new collections," he said. Oh yes I would!!

    WendyB in 2008 in her vintage Clovis Ruffin dress (left) and a similar style by Christian Francis Roth that I snapped at his Spring 2009 show