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Pastels Please

    I know that I have mentioned many times in my posts that I do not wear a lot of color.  After all, I'm a New Yorker, for God's sake!  Well, the other day I spent my afternoon (and into the wee hours of the night) as an extra on the set of "The Good Wife."  I was instructed to bring three changes of wardrobe -- no white, no red and no busy patterns.  So, I brought black, black and more black.  They actually asked me to put on a cheesy olive colored knit top for one of the scenes and I reluctantly agreed.  But, back to the point...

    Alberta Ferretti, Spring '08

    Spring time is all about color and April calls for pastels in particular.  I can't remember the last time I actually went to Church... oh yes, my friend's wedding at St. Patrick's Cathedral.  I had to speak in front of everyone -- talk about pressure... and guilt!  But, I digress...   Anyway, if I were forced to wear pastels, say... to Church, I would only do so if I could choose one of the lovely outfits in this post.

    Bottega Veneta, Spring '07

    Bottega Veneta, Spring '07

    Jonathan Saunders, Spring '09
    OK, maybe this is not technically pastel, but I adore Mr. Saunders and had to include him in this post!

    Giambatisa Valli, Resort '08

    Giambatista Valli, Resort '08

    Somehow, masterful Marc Jacobs manages to make pastel colors work for the Fall seasons too!  In my humble opinion, he does so much better with Louis Vuitton than he does for his own line!  I'm in love with this suit...

    Vuitton, Fall '08

    Vuitton, Fall '08

    Photo Credits: Firstview