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La Dolce Vita

    As promised, I'm sharing a bit more of my leopard lined dress that I mentioned in my last post. Thank God I don't have to pay Roberto Cavalli any royalties for his patent absurd claim on the invention of leopard print!

    busy Wendy Brandes poses with one her pooches, Henry, on their way out for a walk

    The lovely and talented jewelry designer, WendyB (whose Cleopatra earrings are featured in the Sex in the City 2 film -- click here to find out where you can purchase these glorious dangles) for whom I designed this dress, offered to pose for a photo op. Doesn't she look divine? It's so rewarding to see my pieces on beautiful people (well, ALL of my clients are beautiful!).

    chatting with her publicist

    As most of you are aware, Wendy is an extremely busy woman, but she is one of the most glamorous people I know.  I've never seen her without a perfect pout -- I mean, her lipstick never moves.  I'm beginning to think she had it tattooed on like Michael Jackson's eyeliner, except that the color changes occasionally.  MAC cosmetics should seriously hire her as their spokesperson... if she could squeeze it into her schedule.

    multitasking... getting dressed, reading the Style section of the Times while on the phone (and I think she may have been chewing gum!) 

    Gigi needed attention too...