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No SEX and No City

    Sex and the City is kind of a misleading title for a film that takes place in a desert where sex is pretty much forbidden! Nonetheless, sexy siren, Samantha managed to get a smidge of action, though not without repercussions. Samantha (Kim Cattrall), pretty much stole the entire movie with her sharp tongue (you can read into that one, people!) and her hilarious antics. One of the best scenes was when a strappingly handsome Danish man speeds over sand dunes in a jeep and approaches the women and their hotel errand boys in the desert. As the gorgeous Dane drives off, Samantha collapses onto the girls laps in a faint of lust. “Lawrence of my labia,” she sighs. I know some people thought that joke distasteful, but I found it absolutely hysterical not to mention pretty damn witty.

    Stacy (me) & Cleopatara/WendyB
    both wearing WendyB 18K yellow gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings and I am also wearing the necklace!!

    Forced puns and the type of cheese ball humor that I adore made the film light and fun. WendyB was telling me a story about a woman she knows who wrote a book about anorexia. “Is it a very thin book?” I asked. Ha ha. I’ll be here all night folks. Try the halibut, it’s fresh. This is the kind of necessary tongue-in-cheek that the film incorporates to avoid taking itself too seriously. Smart choice. After all, nobody is looking for drama in this movie. We got our share of that during the seven amazing years the show was on the air. At this point, it’s a party, a total girl’s night out, a fashion fest.

    me (left) & adorable Jen Weitzman (right)

    Last night, a posse of bloggers gathered to celebrate with dynamic jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes whose 18K yellow gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings appear in the film – one of the most iconic fashion films of all time! Shout out to WendyB! I suppose it was a coincidence that Samantha was wearing Ms. Brandes’ 4 ½” dangles in my favorite scene that I described above and we all let out a “Woohoo!” when they went in for a close up.

    Kim Cattrall as Samantha in my favorite scene wearing WendyB 18K yellow gold and diamond Cleopatra earrings

    Like the fabulous New York girls that we are, we met for cocktails before heading over to the Ziegfeld. The ever so glamorous and generous WendyB passed out 10 pairs of her Cleopatra earrings for all of us to wear to the show. I don’t know if it was because I had thousands of dollars of gold and diamonds dangling from my ears or simply the fact that they made me feel beautiful, but I walked with my chin a little higher as I pranced along with the other girls to the theatre. Heads turned. Tourists took our photo. We stopped traffic. OK, we didn’t stop traffic, but nothing can stop a NYC cab flying up 6th Avenue!

    coy Tina (left) & sophisticated Ann (right)
    wearing the silver version of Wendy Brandes Cleopatra earrings

    After the film, we rallied the troops and made our way over to Benoit for more cocktails! MrB looked like a king surrounded with a harem of babes decked out in Cleopatra earrings. I thought at any minute someone may start fanning him or feeding him grapes! Actually, I have to give Wendy’s easy going husband kudos for dealing with all of us. And he was so proud of his wife; I think he would have worn a set of the Cleopatra earrings if Wendy had asked. Instead, he was outfitted with her brilliant Freud cuff links which suited him much better.

    beautiful Tricia (left) & sultry Amy (right)

    Here is a group photo with all of the lovely girls! (left to right): Tina (theoccasionalcook), Jen W. (40isthenewfabulous), Jen D., me, Amanda, Ann (holierthannow), Cleopatra/WendyB (wendybrandes,) Amy (midtowngirl), Alyssa,Tricia (fashionherald), Suzanne (ideefixe).