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Hot Kamali

    Norma Kamali is one of the most diverse and innovative designers to date.  She runs the gamut from puffer jackets to bathing suits and in every category, Kamali infuses her unmistakable, edgy style.

    Anna Kournikova in a Kamali bathing suit in Sports Illustrated, 2004

    I did a post on puffer coats back in January when we were all freezing our booty's off in NYC, and I mentioned Ms. Kamali.  So, I thought it is only fitting to do a Kamali bathing suit post since it's been hot, hot, hot!

    Kamali bathing suit, 1977
    Photo Credit: Fracesco Scavullo for Conde Nast

    Her suits are sexy, revealing, head-turning.  They are not for the shy girls, but the bold, confident woman who loves attention and doesn't mind crazy tan lines.

    styles from Norma Kamali, OMO Swim (Foil Collection), 2010

    It's not too late to make a purchase, summer isn't over yet!  Visit Norma Kamali Swim and check out her 2010 collection -- there is even a special grouping for Wal Mart.  And of course, you've got to pair the suit with Norma's fabulous sunnies.

    Kamali sunglasses