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What's Your Number?

    I've been a little busy lately and I know I have been neglecting my blog over the past week or so.  I plan to be back on track soon.  Also, I've definitely fallen behind in reading my favorite blogs which I will get back to this week... sorry guys!

    One thing that has been derailing me is that I've taken on an entire restructuring and reorganization of my apartment.  Absolutely everything came out of my closets!  I realized that I hadn't vacuumed all the way back there in a very long time.  I was also able to get an accurate count of my shoes.  Why not?  I was kind of curious.  I have 50 pairs... on the nose.  Well, that's not including all of my running sneakers, a pair of tennis sneakers, some hiking boots and all my flip-flops.  Oh, and the four pairs that I've decided to give away. 

    I'm still in love with these Roger Vivier's which I posted on May 23

    I'm thinking 50 pairs is not so bad, right?  We have to take into account that shoes are seasonal so it's not like I'm wearing them all at once!  That reminds me of a funny story (yes, another one of my goofy stories!).  An old boyfriend asked me one time, "Exactly how many shoes have you bought this year?"  To which I replied, "This year starting WHEN?"  I thought it was a completely legitimate statement!  He cracked up and wondered if there was some kind of 'shoe fiscal year' or something that he wasn't aware of since obviously, this year referred to -- since the New Year.  I tried to explain to him about seasonal shoe shopping, but he wasn't having any of that nonsense.

    Calvin Klein Collection -- I set my eyes on these in February at the runway show

    Anyway... I have veered off yet again.  I'm taking a poll to find out how many shoes you have and what a normal/average number is for a fashion savvy girl!  Let me hear it!