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Paco & Pierre

    Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin are two designers who have always inspired me. I like the strength that comes across in their pieces and the way the details are significant be not overdone. For me, metal equals modern and that speaks to my personal style. Nobody did metal better than Paco. Lovely Madeleine (of In New York Paris Tomorrow), put it perfectly in her comment on my last post (about Paco), “So far away and yet classic and futuristic.” This brings me to Mr. Cardin, who was known for his space age designs and futuristic fashions. Cardin studied architecture (like another one of my favs, Ferré), so it follows that he used geometry in his creations. And I bet all the “tweens” have no idea that they have Mr. Cardin to thank for their precious bubble dresses...sort of!

    Paco Rabanne, 1967

    Pierre Cardin, 1967

    I find it such a shame that these two groundbreaking, iconic visionaries are pretty much known today for cologne. Maybe not for those who actually know about fashion, but to the average Joe they are, unfortunately, just another Drakkar Noir.