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Your Personal Dress

    Meet WendyB.  Most of you know her as the jewelry designer for SATC2 -- you know, those marvelous Cleopatra earrings that Samantha wore in the best scene of the entire film!  Anyway, WendyB is also a beautiful dress (seen below).  Ms. Brandes sponsored this baby for my upcoming Spring 2011 Collection.  Thank you Wendy!

    If you would like your own dress that you will own after the presentation (late September), please contact me for the details in sponsoring your "baby."  The dress will also be named after you for everyone to see in the program.

    There is a minimum donation required in order to sponsor a dress, but any contribution (nothing is too small) to help me get this collection together is greatly appreciated!  You will be mentioned and thanked!

    To make a donation -- click on the button on my blog or on my website (  Also, you can contact me at taffetadarlings at gmail dot com.