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Don't Drink And Drape

    I've been working lots of long hours on my show for New York Fashion Week which, incidentally, is coming up in just a few weeks!  I felt the need to calm my nerves a bit tonight.  Lately, I've been getting awfully cozy with WendyB's and MrB's dining room table and tonight, I felt a glass (or two, or three) of wine would be appropriate. 

    me in action!

    Wendy was sneaky kind enough to snap this photo of me in action... working my booty off.  Normally, I don't let people see me in my spectacles (vain much?), but I'm making an exception.  I want all my readers, supporters and sponsors to see the real deal! 

    Meanwhile, I still NEED TO RAISE an additional $2000 to pay for the lighting costs for the show.  Please help me pass the word along and scrounge up more sponsors.  $5, $10... every little bit counts!  Contribute HERE :-)

    More pix to come!