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Oooh La La!

    OK, I'm just gonna say it... "Thanks Mom!"  Well, if you can't get your family to rally behind you, how can you expect others to, right?  So, my beautiful mother, Suzette sponsored this lovely, sleek dress.  I think if she had left it up to my dad he would have selected one of the shorter dresses!  Anyway, say bonjour to "The Suzette."  Ooh la la!!

    Also, I seem to be having trouble with the link/widget to Kickstarter on my blog.  It is redirecting to some bizarre and completely unrelated site.  I have contacted them about this technical glitch and I'm still waiting to get it resolved.  So, in the meantime, you (and your co-workers, relatives, friends and enemies can click on the link below to bring them to my Kickstarter page.

    Thanks everyone!!
    Kick Me!