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Rain, Rain, Go Away

    OK, I'm thankful that we had an Indian Summer, but Fall has officially arrived in NYC and along with the cooler air we've had for the last couple of weeks, came the rain.  Lots of rain.  Just after we adjusted the clocks on Sunday to deprive us of an hour of light, we entered the week with freezing rain and high speed wind.  I struggled down Park Ave. on Monday morning on the way to my eye exam and cursed every step of the way, fighting against the wind, umbrella whipping about and sleet pelting my face. 

    Lemon Print Hunter Boots

    I have sixty pairs of shoes, I thought to myself, and not ONE pair of rain boots.  Every year I swear that I'm going to run out and purchase them after I've gotten soaked walking a couple of blocks to the subway station, shoes like sponges and legs soaking wet.  I never do.  This year will be different.

    Kamik "Heidi" boot

    Rainbops "JoJo" 
    So, the selection process begins.  I thought I'd take the lazy way out and shop online, so I brilliantly typed in "rain boots" into a Google search and came across an equally brilliant web site titled "Rain boots Online."  Great minds think alike!  Talk about selection.  What a huge market this has become!  It's not just your basic "Welly" anymore.  Rain boots are offered in a huge range of colors, crazy print patterns and a variety of boot and heel styles.  Are you feeling like a paisley printed cowboy boot?  You can have it!  I don't know why you would want it, but it's certainly available.  As is the wedge heel (which I imagine would make me even more of a klutz in the rain), the motorcycle boot and, of course, the animal print.

    Rainbops "Art Fusion"

    Michael Kors wedge

    Hunter motorcycle wellies
    For me, I think some things are just meant to be classic and traditional.  Like a tuxedo.  Or a Wellington boot.  Most likely, I'll veer toward the Hunter Original.  Now, the question is... hunter green, basic black, or metallic silver?

    Traditional Hunter Original in Black

    Steppin' out in Silver