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The 90's

    What comes to mind when you think of the nineties?  Flannel shirts?  Pearl Jam and Nirvana?  Bill Clinton?  Desert Storm?  The tragic losses of Princess Diana and JFK Jr.?  Perhaps you're reminded of a white Bronco racing down the highway ("the glove doesn't fit!"), or Jack Kevorkian or the Columbine massacre or the Oklahoma City bombing.  And on a lighter note there is, of course, Seinfeld, Friends, The Spice Girls, Baywatch (the "Hoff!") and Britney Spears. 

    Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder in plaid

    Well, this was a nice little walk down memory lane, but I'm talking about a different kind of nineties.  You know, nineties as an age not a decade.  If you're lucky enough to live that long I don't suppose trivia or pop culture really matters at that point.  What's important is family, friends and living each day to the fullest -- actually, that's the trifecta of importance at any age!

    my dapper Granddad -- looking good at 90!

    A couple of weeks ago, my Grandfather celebrated the big Nine-O and I headed to Florida to join in the festivities.  My Granddad still rides his bike every day (or so he claims) and he has managed to maintain his girlish figure as well as a good bit of hair on his head.  That's pretty good, I think! 

    me with my Great Aunt Alice and her "Great Ball of China!"

    I was surprised and ecstatic to see that my 93 year old great Aunt was able to make it to the soirée.  She walked in, accessorized perfectly down to her bright red nails that she manicured and painted herself.  Always the party gal, my Aunt Alice wore a simple black tee bedazzled with a few little martini glasses across the chest.  Perfect!  As if that wasn't cool enough, she whispered to me that she was wearing her "sexy lingerie" that day and pushed a sleeve off a shoulder to reveal a leopard printed bra strap.  Divine!  But, perhaps my favorite part of the outfit was her ring.  She told me that she got it years ago in China when the wall was still up.  Since the ring is a large gold sphere, she cleverly dubbed it "the great BALL of China!"