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I Didn't Prepare A Speech...

    I'd like to thank the Academy (and by Academy, I mean "Cupcake" from the blog Fashion Tarts) for nominating me for the Stylish Blogger Award!  I can't believe I won in the midst of all the drama and turmoil I've gone through in the past couple of days.  Did I actually manage to be stylish when I called the bitch at the Jet Blue counter an idiot?  I guess so!  I suppose that somehow I maintained a sense of style and a sense of humor through the ordeal because I've learned over the years that you have to laugh a little bit at ridiculous circumstances.  If you can't beat 'em...

    Anyway, for those of you familiar with this prestigious award, you know that it comes with the requirement to divulge seven secrets facts about oneself.  I hate to disappoint my taffetadarlings with the ultra boring life I lead, so I'm considering making up some juicy tidbits.  Nah.  I'm too damned honest, I'll just tell it like it is...

    1. I have a problem with wide flaired pants.  Always have.  I like to torment my mother about this because I blame her for making me wear them when I was little.  Nobody else was wearing them to school, just me.  I hated them and swore I would never wear them once I had a say.  I never have.  As a designer, I've grown to appreciate a slight flair extending smoothly from a tapered knee on a gorgeous pair of Italian trousers, but I still tend to steer clear of wide legs.

    2. As if that's not weird enough, I have an extreme phobia of worms.  Now, I'm trusting all of you with this information and that means that you are not allowed to scare me or play tricks on me.  I've literally darted into traffic to avoid ones I have spotted on the road while running on a drizzly day.  In other words, I completely lose my rational mind and that can be a dangerous thing.

    3. Despite my wimpy fears, I'm actually quite tough.  I was a competitive swimmer from ten years old until seventeen.  I even competed on a Masters team in NYC in my twenties.  I've done triathlons, taught Spinning classes (for seven years) and run several races (though nothing over 8 miles).  When I am passionate about something I am extremely driven.  I can be quite serious and focused.  I am hyper competitive.

    4. I adore animals.  I am a huge softy and would rescue hundreds of dogs and bunnies if I had the space and the funds.

    5. I had a little, brown Netherland Dwarf bunny named Miles for nine years.  She was a total house bunny and was even litter box trained.  She was gorgeous, funny and super clean.  I miss her.  Oh yeah... I thought she was a he when I got her.  Very hard to tell when they are little!

    6. I knew I wanted to be a designer after reading my first Vogue in 1985.  I bought the book, Couture for $15 at a Flea Market that same year and absorbed every bit of information I could.  I also purchased a dress form for $15 and I still use it today.  A store in the mall was going out of business and I begged my mom to drive me over to buy the form.  I guess 1985 was a very pivotal year in my life.

    7. Before I had dreams of becoming the next huge American designer, I wanted to be a comedian.  I idolized Carol Burnett and Steve Martin.  In fourth grade, I had a Steve Martin poster in my locker while most kids had Shaun Cassidy or Leif Garrett!  I still think Carol Burnett's Gone With The Wind skit is one of the best ever.  I'm convinced her curtain rod dress has influenced designers such as Hussein Chalayan!

    Thank you and good night!  Oh, before I go, I must nominate some stylish bloggers....

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    Congrats girls!!