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Gone With The Windows

    All this talk about the fashion at the Golden Globes has me kind of burnt out.  Best dressed, worst dressed, fashion police, Joan Rivers says yay or neigh, Giuliana Rancid, uh, I mean Rancic's red carpet much pressure!  I would guess that Hollywood stars and starlets have enough money to pay for a good stylist if they can't figure out what the hell looks good on them, but nobody looks perfect ALL of the time.  I bet even Tim Gunn wears sweatpants on occasion or has a bad hair day.  But, he "makes it work!"

    OK, I scoured the Internet and could not find a picture of Tim in anything but a suit!

     So, I think they should all take themselves a little less seriously and just follow WendyB's mantra, "wear what you want."  Just take it from Carol Burnett...

    Rhett:  "That gown is gorgeous."
    Scarlett: "Thanks, I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist it."