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I'm A Model!

    And you guys thought I was just a designer!  Well, check out this photo!  Yes, taffetadarlings, that's yours truly modeling a leather jacket on!  Okay, okay, so it's not Neiman's, but hey... I'm a model!  My good friend Michael contacted me last month and asked if I would do him a favor and pose for some photos.  "What KIND of photos?" I said.  As it turned out, he had sold several leather jacket styles to Overstock and they require their product (apparel) to be photographed on a person rather than a mannequin or just flat.  I agreed on the condition that he cut off my head.  Wait, that sounds morbid.  Who do I think I am, Mary Queen of Scots?  Hey, WendyB -- you can create a new piece of jewelry based on me!

    Stacy in a Stone Mountain jacket featured on

    Right Said Fred, you ain't got nothin' me bee-yatch!

    So, I had a very professional photo session in the hallway of my friend's office building.  Yeah, that's how I roll!  I'm not sure why I smiled for each photo knowing that my head would be chopped off, but for some reason I felt strange posing sans smile.  I have to say, all of the jackets were very comfortable and cute!  Who couldn't use another black leather jacket?  You can never have enough.  And these trendy styles are only $99 on Overstock.  Bargain, no?  

    Check out the page here on Overstock.