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Keeping It Simple

    New Year's resolutions are overrated.  For me, the entire year is just a bunch of ongoing resolutions anyway (stay in shape, work hard, be good to my fellow man, etc.), so why add even more pressure on top of that with big goals?  Besides, sometimes life happens and many things are beyond our control making it impossible to achieve those goals.  Then, the guilt sets in.  Who needs it?  Not I!  Don't they say that guilt is a useless emotion?

    So, last year I went a slightly different route with my "Nouveau Year's Resolutions."  How did I do, you wonder?  Not so hot!  But, for each thing I resolved to do more of, less of, or better at, I can say I made progress in each case.  I certainly made an effort.  I can confidently report that Starbuck's made a lot less money from me in 2010. I stopped cutting my hair and I floss more than before.  I failed miserably at learning French (because I didn't try!).  And the making money thing?  I'm still working on that!

    This year, I decided to make it easy on myself.  In fact, that IS my resolution -- be good to myself.  Above all.

    Happy New Year!  Make 2011 count.