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    I just wanted to pay respects and acknowledge a fashion icon who passed away on Thursday evening (January 6).  Joan Vass was eighty-five years old and the last time I saw her a couple of years ago, she was full of energy and life.

    Joan Vass & DVF: October, 2008
    Photo: Stacy Lomman

    Joan brought casual knitwear to the forefront in the eighties and her comfortable, oversized pieces were modern and chic.  I am proud to say that I worked as design director for the Joan Vass label from 2006-2008, though by that time she had sold her name and had not been directly involved with the brand for many years.  Still, I did my best to uphold her aesthetic and maintain the identity of her product.

    me, Richard Mauro, Joan Vass: October, 2008