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Black Swan Evening

    I've been hearing good things about this film for song long now (even before Ms. Portman started collecting awards for her performance), and I finally got to see it last night.  I admit, I was kind of "off the bandwagon" for a bit after Portman's acceptance speech upon receiving the Golden Globe for Best Actress.  She is such a talented actor -- I've always been a fan of her work and have always appreciated that she tends to fly under the radar unlike most Hollywood starlets.  Unfortunately, her "Golden moment," or prenatal, hormonal, turrets-like outburst exclaiming, "He TOTALLY wants to sleep with me," kind of swayed me.  I cringed.  Let's take a look at that again, shall we??

    Portman's speech -- okay, so it's obviously been embellished, but it's still fun!
    Anyway, after a bit of time passed, I have forgiven Natalie (rumor has it, she's relieved!).  She was incredible in the role and it was clear how much she prepared, trained and disciplined herself.  Impressive.  I wish a little bit of that would rub off on me!  Perhaps it has -- It didn't hit me until later that evening that I had worn my old Moschino T-shirt that reads "VOULEZ VOUS COUCHER AVEC MOI?"  Ironic?  Subliminal?  Perhaps!  But, I can guarantee that I won't be going on National television to announce who does!

    close up from 2009

    wearing the shirt last night... hitting on a giant rabbit
    hey... a lady doesn't kiss and tell!