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Midnight Oil

    As I approach the one week mark till my show date, I've been logging in some very late nights, burning the midnight oil.  My sewing machine has been working overtime and now he's demanding workman's comp (yes, it's a "he").  I said, "No."  I'm a difficult boss.

    Burning the Midnight Oil
    It's hard to believe with the hundreds of channels available in this day and age, there is nothing on TV late at night besides a variety of infomercials, horrible reality shows and chances are, Ghost, Forrest Gump or Pretty Woman is on at least one channel.  Everything else is Poker.  I cannot understand how people can watch that.  Ten times more boring than golf.  It's like watching paint dry with the annoying clanking of the chips in the background.  Luckily, I've stumbled across some episodes of Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days which keep me company and they also give me a bit of a nostalgic feeling. 

    But, I felt the need to share two cheesy commercials that I see every night.  They win the award of the year for the most ridiculous products...

    Pajama Jeans (say that three times fast!) -- ICK!  These are like Indigo "Juicy" jog suits with topstitching detail.  I'm not sure if Jennine of Eat, Sleep, Denim is aware of these beauties yet, although I would hardly classify them as jeans or denim of any kind. 

    Did you guys call?  Order before it's too late!!

    Style snaps are actually plastic adhesive parts that you stick to your clothes to adjust them (lengthwise, or to keep a cleavage popping shirt secure!).  Um... yeah, that's exactly what I want.  Plastic snaps attached to my clothes.  Gee, I bet nobody would notice.  So chic!