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Tragic Trifecta

    1. Why didn't I do an Oscar post?  I didn't think it was worth the effort.  Besides, everybody else did so I just thought, "What's one more post based on one person's opinion?"  Sure, it would have been MY opinion and, therefore, the correct one, but I'm not concerned so much about judging what others are wearing.  I do wish that I could do damage control and style those starlets properly (and, of course, outfit them in my dresses).

    Galliano with an evil looking smirk

    2. Why didn't I weigh in on the Galliano meltdown?  Same reason.  What else can I possibly say that hasn't been said already?  Though I am curious what will happen at the close of the Dior show in Paris this afternoon.  Will they announce JG's successor?   Honestly, I don't even think I'm going to be that excited to hear the news unless the higher ups at Dior want to offer me the position!  At any rate, they'd better do it soon so that can update their "about the designer" information as it still shows a photo of Galliano who they describe as having a muscle-bound physique and runway swagger.  They left out the part about his foul mouth and his love for Hitler.

    who knew this kid would grow up to be such a dipshit

    3. And finally, there's the Charlie Sheen situation.  I decided to pretty much ignore his "bizarro world" and his uber-narcissistic behavior because I just don't care.  I wish the media didn't give it so much attention.  He's an unattractive, mildly talented actor with a bloated sense of self-entitlement.  Oh, wait, I guess I just weighed in, didn't I?