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    Got your attention??  Good.  I just received my copy of the premiere print issue of Dstripped magazine in which, I just happen to be featured! 

    my name in bold print!

    Dstripped magazine debuted online in October 2010 and Editor-In-Chief, Clinton Allen, let his message be heard. Allen’s goal with this publication is to showcase and promote talented, aspiring artists and small business owners with limited budgets. Allen says that he is inspired by their passion and their struggles and he started Dstripped to recognize these creative individuals. The magazine isn’t saturated with ads; instead it strips away the marketing façade to reveal real stories about real people. Clinton is the Robin Hood of the glossy editorial world and Karen is his Maid Marian.

    one of my pieces (photo: Randy Brooke) in the magazine

    So, when Marketing/PR Director, Karen Allen, contacted me about the opportunity to appear in the first print issue of the magazine, I was more than happy to send her some photos and to be interviewed by one of her writers. Right now, the premiere print issue, Spring/Summer 2011, can be ordered online through Dstripped’s web site, but hopefully, sometime in the near future, this trailblazer publication will be available in the local Barnes & Noble. In order for that to happen, they need support. I, for one, would like to see this unique magazine, with good intentions and innovative vision, stick around for a while. For selfish purposes, perhaps, but mostly because I support the Allens’ message and I’m sure a lot of designers and artists, like me, do also.

    inside cover

    Please purchase a copy if you’re able and please spread the word. The magazine is 167 pages full of articles and beautiful photos – unlike my disappointing issue of March Vogue. The subject matter ranges from culinary, travel and art to design, models and photography. The cost is $20, but it’s well worth it and the price will be lower in the future after some of the initial investment is recouped.


    Come on... with a name like Dstripped, I couldn't resist!