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Bella Bello

    I've mentioned before that people tend to ask the question, "Who wears your clothes -- who is the Stacy Lomman woman?"  I loathe that question and I am always tempted to answer, "Anyone with kick-ass taste who doesn't mind spending money!!"  But, that wouldn't be very nice or very professional of me, now, would it?  So, I tell it like it is and say, "A self-assured, body-confident and strong woman with a sexy, yet sophisticated sense of style."  Recently, I selected Kim Cattrall as "my kind of gal."  While Kim is a perfect example, there are others out there! 

    Maria Bello is an extremely gifted, yet very underrated (in my opinion) actress.  She is beautiful, she is strong, she is intelligent.  Trifecta.  Dangerous.  And she is a Pennsylvania gal, like myself, so I am even more fond of her!  Maria embodies chic, refined style and I'd love to get my hands on her!  Let me rephrase that -- I'd love to get one of my dresses on her! 

    looking adorable in a beret -- wouldn't she look better in a Stacy Lomman : New York beret?

    Photo: Randy Brooke
    Model: Ekaterina Ermak