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Case In Point

    So, here we are just five days before my Kickstarter run finishes up and the entire Eastern U.S. is bracing itself for Hurricane Irene.  This is the perfect weekend for me to "hunker down" and make some progress on my "Biohazard" samples for my spring 2012 line (so long as I don't lose power).  Let me just reiterate the basis of the collection...

    The concept behind the collection stems from the chaos happening in the world, from the economy to all of the natural disasters that have recently occurred (and will continue to do so). The need to start dressing for protection is inevitable and our wardrobes will have to be fashionable AND functional -- think “chic hazmat” gear!

    Scary, huh?  It's almost like I willed this hurricane to happen (but I would never do that!).  So, get in on the action while you can and get involved.  Only five days left to sponsor me and even though I have met the fundraising goal, there are always so many extra expenses to account for and, of course, you get your name in the program.  Any amount is helpful and I'm extremely grateful for each and every person who contributes!!!!!

    The auction for one of my spring pieces is still on and the current bid is $650.  If you would like to own a custom-fit piece (of your choice) from my "Biohazard" Collection, contact me through this blog or through Kickstarter and give me your bid.  Stay safe taffetadarlings!

    super light-weight neoprene and water repellent nylon dress
    just one of the styles to choose from!