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Wright Was Never Wrong

    As a designer and artist, I was (obviously) inspired by many different creative people who helped in some small and meaningful way to shape and mold my aesthetic.  One of those people is architect, Frank Llloyd Wright -- I've even mention him in my bio on my website.  Well, my dad happens to appreciate the genius of Mr. Wright as well and we have discussed his work at Fallingwater at length.

    Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

    staircase in chapel with colored glass

    So, I thought that since I was in town visiting my folks (a.k.a. "parental units" as my sister and I have dubbed them), it would be a great idea to visit Florida Southern College.  Why?  Because I'm religious?  No, not even close.  Because Frank Llloyd Wright designed the entire campus.  How cool is that?  My dad joked as we strolled past the ginormous grandfather oak tree, "This reminds me of F.I.T. Stac." 

    one of the many many sprawling oak trees

    me, under a giant cross feeling the guilt weight on my shoulders

    The college is situated on Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, Florida, it's been called the most beautiful campus in the country.  According to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable man at the visitors center, the first buildings designed by Wright, were actually built by WOMEN.  Yes, that's right, chicks!  In the mid 1940's when they were constructed, men were not exactly available, therefore, women had to do the hard labor.  They didn't just paint or decorate, they poured concrete and devised elaborate pulley systems to transport heavy building materials to upper levels.  Pretty amazing.

    If you ever find yourself in the area, I highly recommend stopping by to see the angular, pointed, low-ceiling buildings that are detailed in Wright's favorite color, Cherokee Red.  The serene setting adds to the charm, as does unexpected little findings like the Hindu Meditation Garden -- kind of surprising (but refreshing) for a Methodist establishment.

    Hindu Meditation Garden, or as I like to call it, "Mini Taj"

    my dad, trying his best to look priestly or saintly