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Dog Day Afternoon

    I've been feeling like a vacation for a while now, but of course, life is too busy to permit one.  So, I escaped last night to the fabulous WendyB's hacienda to celebrate her mention and photo of her Clemence ring in the November issue of "In Style!"  Yay Wendy!!

    Gigi relaxes!

    At one point, I looked over at her very cute and very flirtatious dog, Gigi.  I couldn't resist a photo-op.  Looking at how relaxed she was, I thought I would like to switch places with her and fill my days with lounging around!  Sleep, eat, walk to the corner and back.  Repeat.  Play with "Mr. Thirsty" the stuffed fish from Coney Island.  Ahhh, what a life.

    Al Pacino's "Dog Day Afternoon" is in stark contrast to Gigi's!!