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    Don't they say that good things come in threes?  Or, maybe that's good things come in small packages?  Well, whatever.  I think that good things do, in fact, come in threes and right now, "Elizabeth" is a very good thing!

    Most of you know Elizabeth Coyne, the author of the blog, "Observation Mode" and I'm guessing that most of you know that Elizabeth was one of my Angels dress sponsors.  The sexy California girl chose an appropriately sexy little gold number from my Spring collection.
    The "original" Elizabeth

    Well, the daring dress may have pushed the envelope a bit too much for Elizabeth as I pushed up the hemline for the runway!  Yowza!  So, after discussing some options and mailing fabric swatches, Elizabeth and I came up with a "new Elizabeth" for her personal wardrobe.  We settled on a shimmery black (always a great choice) fabric and we decided to allow the hemline to creep down a few inches.

    Elizabeth II -- new version in black
    *It would be nice to show you vertically, but even though the photo is saved that way, Blogger refuses to post it correctly.  Yet another reason to move onto Word Press, I think.

    While working on "Elizabeth II" this weekend, I realized I had a Net Flix lying around that I never got a chance to watch.  Ironic that it was "Elizabeth: The Golden Age."  I'm not making this up!  And that makes three!

    Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I