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This Is Fashion People -- BE ORIGINAL!

    Many of you know by now that IFB founder and author of The Coveted (the original!), Jennine Jacob, is dealing with a situation!  It's a ridiculous situation that doesn't even come with a six pack (that was just for you, Jersey Shore fans)!  I won't attempt to explain the entire legal situation (Jennine clarifies it in her post on January 27th), but apparently somebody else coveted the name "The Coveted" and acquired it to launch their own fashion blog.  Now, if they were smart they would have started with a search from the get-go to see whether or not that name was already occupied (hyphen or no hyphen) -- at least in the same type of category.  And if they were aware of fashion blogging at all, I dare say they should have been aware of Jacobs' The Coveted and IFB.  Shame on them if they were "not in the know."  I mean, IFB is one of the main reasons fashion bloggers even have a voice/platform today.  So, it seems as though these "new coveted" or "faux coveted" mean girls are not only ungrateful, but they are taking advantage of the foundation that Jacobs' laid and benefiting from all of her hard work.  Not cool.  Sign the petition to support Jennine and the ORIGINAL Coveted.  Also, WendyB started fundraising efforts to help out.  Wendy is offering to donate to the cause, a generous amount from every sale made on her fun 'swear rings', OMG, LOL and NYC rings!! There is also the option to contribute monetarily without making a purchase.  So, come on fashion bloggers, let's unite.  Fight the fight!  We all owe a lot to Jennine.

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