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Beautiful Things

    Recently, my beautiful friend Muriel, who has impeccable taste, introduced me to a beautiful line of handmade pottery.  Sara Goldhawk, of Goldhawk Pottery, is the artist behind these subtle, pretty creations.

    Goldhawk's perfect heart!  Perfect for Valentine's Day.
    Order through Etsy

    Goldhawk, who is based out of Rochester, New York, writes in her Etsy profile that her vision is to create pieces for everyday use that are unique and well designed. All of her pottery is handmade using white stoneware clay with her initials and year at the bottom. Each pot is wheel thrown and fired twice - once in a bisque fire and then glaze fired in a kiln. Therefore, each piece takes at least two weeks from start to finish.

    Turquoise White Stoneware Beach Tumbler
    Goldhawk Pottery, available on Etsy

    All pieces are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe!  How beautiful is that?  And do you know what else is beautiful?  The prices.  Goldhawk's pieces are incredibly affordable considering the time and the workmanship involved.

    To learn more about Goldhawk, visit her blog, Clay and Ginger.  And visit her shop on Etsy to make a purchase!