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    To the superstitious, it's a number that represents bad luck.  Not me!  Thirteen reminds me of the age I was finally allowed to get my ears pierced (which was the only thing that distinguished me from a boy at the time!).  Also, thirteen was actually the date of my first runway show, so I consider it to be a very good number.  That said, there are only thirteen more days to contribute to my new collection for Spring 2012.  Most of you know the collection is titled "Biohazard" and I'm so anxious to make it happen!  Right now, I'm 75% funded so I really need to make a huge push for that last 25%.  With the Kickstarter funding, it's all or nothing and I simply cannot come up short, so spread the word and help if you can.  Thank you!!

    ...and if you think I'm kidding about the boy thing, just ask my 13 yr. old self!  LOL