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Lookin' On The Bright Side

    I've been a busy bee, hard at work on my spring samples.  I'm moving forward so that I can stay on track with the timing of the collection though I'm still holding my breath that my Kickstarter crusade is successful.  I'm 57% there, but if I don't meet the goal 100%, then my fundraising efforts will go unfulfilled and my spring show will not come to pass.  But, I'm staying positive, crossing my fingers (and toes) and I'm looking on the bright side!

    Speaking of bright, check out some of the qualities I'm using for my "Biohazard" collection!  I love these techno textiles and they happen to look fantastic in acid brights.  If you're anxious to see what I create with these fabrics, please make a small contribution to my spring show/collection by clicking on this link.  Any amount is helpful and certainly appreciated.  And pass it along... tell your co-workers, family, friends, dog walker, dry cleaner, butcher, mailman (oops, mail carrier is more PC)!